3 Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding

1. Take the time to think deeply about who you are as a couple. What makes you two, you?!

I couldn’t say more how important this one is first and foremost. Trends come and go but having your day reflect your story stands the test of time. You will never regret your day being authentically you.

Maybe you + your boo are obsessed with pizza date nights–serve pizza for your reception dinner!
Maybe you bonded over your love for playing the guitar and singing together–sing a song just the two of you at your first look or first touch!
Does your faith play a big part in your relationship–incorporate this in your ceremony! foot washing, worship, communion, prayer, etc.
Do you never leave the house without your jean jacket–wear one on your wedding day!
Do you want to wear a headpiece/crown–heck do it because yes girl, you are a queen.

Okay, I think you get the point here. This day is about YOU TWO becoming husband and wife. Remember that and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

2. Pinterest is not your best friend as a bride.

Yep, I said it but hear me out. Using it as a tool for inspiration is great but it can often times be overwhelming and distract you from your overall vision. Trends are constantly changing and your day is yours–it doesn’t need to look exactly like anyone elses. Make it unique to you! I can already promise your big day will be the Pinterest wedding of YOUR dreams. Give it the freedom to be.


3. There are no “must do’s” on your big day.

If you feel weird about your hubs climbing up your dress to get the garter in front of Grandma–don’t do it. If you’ve always envisioned doing a first look–do it. You don’t enjoy being the center of attention–cut the cake unannounced. Simple as that. You shouldn’t do anything you don’t want to on your day that includes “wedding traditions” and all. The day is a celebration of you and your soulmate coming together as one. You are not entertainment for your guests they are there to support + celebrate YOU!

And when you’re feeling the weight of planning bring on stress here’s the advice I give all my couples…stop, drop it, and go on a date. Take the time to invest in your future marriage and re-center yourself on what matters most.

Until next time xo,

Kendall Layne


You can have your (cheese)cake and eat it too! Donut care what anyone else thinks about it!


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