Is an Elopement Right For You?

Should we elope?

That’s a decision only YOU can make but I’d love to share with you some tips for deciding if eloping is the right fit for you. 

First off let me just clarify what eloping ISN’T. Eloping is NOT “running off” to defiantly get married. Hey hey we’re in the 21st century! Don’t let the fear of the old school stigma scare you. If you want to get married exactly how you want with only the most important people and things in the world to you–eloping could be perfect for you. 

You want to keep the focus on you two in an intimate setting.

So often weddings focus more on the after party than the union which isn’t how everyone envisions their day. Elopements provide a very intimate setting to pledge your love to one another without the hassle of accommodating hundreds of guests. That also means flexibility when it comes to a date. Pick whatever day your heart desires and go with it! Want to get married on a Tuesday morning, heck to the yes–do it! 


You want to start your greatest adventure while on an adventure.

You can choose anywhere in the world when eloping. Hike in Yosemite to a mountain peak, snowshoe out to a lake in Iceland, literally whatever your heart desires you can do. The only rule is there are NO RULES. Pop a bottle of champagne after and watch the sunset hand in hand or become husband + wife as the sun rises in the Grand Teton. Turn your wedding day into an experience. Major bonus they are very environmentally friendly!!


A traditional wedding doesn’t excite you.

You and your fiance are anything but traditional. The whole wedding day shebang just isn’t your jam. You want to do what makes you happy but that doesn’t look like your sister’s southern wedding. That’s A-OKAY. Embrace who you are and focus on what brings you joy + makes you, you. For some, planning a wedding is anything but fun and looks like a wholeeee lot of decisions and a big headache. An elopement can make the process feel less stressful and more relaxed.

If you read those and thought to yourself, yep that’s us. Let’s talk more about making your elopement dream come true. The sky is the limit!

Until next time,

xo Kendall Layne


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