Hi there! I’m Kendall Layne, but you can call me Kendall, or Kendall Layne, or Layne.

My friends call me one of the three so pick any of them! I'm a wedding & family photographer based out of South Carolina. I'm a Christ follower, wife, and plant & caffeine enthusiast. My house basically resembles a greenhouse inside because let's be real, you can never have too many plants! Am I right?!? I have a serious case of wanderlust that can't be tamed & I am always looking for a new place to explore! I am a Florida native with a spirit that lives for sunshine and all the natural light. On the daily, I can typically be found in the corner of a coffee shop working away while sipping on a vanilla latte with oat milk (my current go-to). I am passionate for adventure, building relationships and serving my couples. I want to be more than just your photographer but someone you can trust and call a friend. I'm a big believer in cheering on others through whatever season of life they are in. My hope is you leave feeling more loved and encouraged than you did when you arrived along with images that authentically tell your story--the laughs that make your nose crinkles, tight hugs that make you breathe a little deeper, and the way you felt in that exact moment.

We’re going to be a perfect fit if...

marrying your best friend is what means the most to you

Are down to kick off your shoes and go on an adventure

A little dirt doesn’t scare you

Are all about the candid + raw moments > "perfection"

Value me as not just your photographer

Fun facts:

I used to be a Barista so I’m pretty boujee when it comes to my coffee and make a pour over literally EVERY morning to start the day.

If I had to live on one type of food forever it would be Thai---Curry + Tom Kha soup yes and amen!

My husband and I have been together since the ripe age of 15 years old. That’s over ⅓ of my LIFE!

I’m OBSESSED with plants, specifically houseplants and enjoy bringing the outdoors inside.

I’m basically a chameleon and loveeee the sun. I’m that person who sits in a hot car after getting out of the grocery store and doesn’t turn the AC on right away---anyone else?!

My love language is words of affirmation + acts of service--I’m a solid 50/50 of each. Don’t be surprised if when we’re talking I use CAPS FREQUENTLY and heart emojis.

I basically only own 4 colors of clothes (black, white, gray, and army green) because neutrals are my JAM and my minimalist heart can’t help but love year round style.